Case Study Museum of Contemprary Art Belgrade 2022

Museum of Contemprary Art Belgrade

2022 - 2023


Part of a “Case Study” series presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. First elaborated as painting and later as video animation, it has an extraordinary essayistic transmedia approach to the subject. The cinematic quality emphasised by industrial landscape sets a specific dramatic tone in the appearances of leading actors, depersonalised exponents of exploitation systems, in the act of surveillance, control, and potential punishment of disobedient subordinates. 


At the height of global social and economic changes, exploitation practices have become omnipresent, nuanced only in terms of the resources being used and whether they are implemented in the interest of wealthy individuals, corporations, or “life-saving” privatisations of ruined socially-owned property. For Djurdjevic this represents a starting point for a case study on human, social, and ethical degradation that aren’t part of some dystopian vision of the future but a reflection of the world in which we live today.