(photo by Ziyah Gafic)

Honi soit qui mal y pense / Shamed be he who thinks evil of it

My work deals with social problems. Those who condemn and strive to censor it are usually those who are a part of the problem. They are verbal and mental abusers, omnipresent on social media, where they point a finger at those who deal with the problem. 

They are easy to spot, floating on the surface of this wretched world.

Biljana Đurđević born 1973. in Belgrade, Serbia,

1997. Finished Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.
2013. Received DA at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade on theme Hypnerotomachia Poliphili or Yearning for Love in the Dreams.

Solo Shows:

  1. 2017. Instrument of Activity, Goethe institute Belgrade, Serbia.
  2. 2017. Between Walls, Contemporary Art Gallery, Smederevo, Serbia.
  3. 2016.Cabinet of Wonder , RIMA Gallery, Kragujevac, Serbia.
  4. 2015. Instrument of Activity, Braverman Gallerry, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  5. 2012. Dark is the Forest, Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.
  6. 2010. Hotbed, Cultural Center Belgrade, Serbia.
  7. 2009. Invisible, Gallery KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia.
  8. 2009. Aesthetics of Violence, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel.
  9. 2006. Living in Oblivion, 1st seen in Museet Moderna, Stockholm, Sweden.
  10. 2006. Paradise Lost, Galerie Davide Gallo, Berlin, Germany.
  11. 2006. Paradise Lost, Cultural Center Belgrade, Serbia.
  12. 2004. Seven Deadly Sins, Salon of Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade. Serbia.
  13. 2002.  French Treatment, Gallery of Graphics, Belgrade.
  14. 2001. Bambi is Dead, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  15. 2000. Cabaret, Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade, Serbia.
  16. 1998. Dentist Society, DOB Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.


Group Shows:

  1. 2016. The Pleasure of Love, Octobar salon, curator David Elliott, Belgrade.
  2. 2015. ELLES, Frisiras Museum, Athens, Greece.
  3. 2015. Re:start, Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  4. 2013. LIKE IT, ESSL Collection Museum, Klosterneuburg, Austria.
  5. 2012. 14 x 14 – Vermessung des Donauraumes, Regensburg, Germany.
  6. 2011. ‘Views:Visions – sketches of Serbian art after 2000’ Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie, Regensburg, Germany
  7. 2010. FAQ Serbia, Austrian Cultural Forum, New York, USA
  8. 2010. Border District, Haugar Museum, Oslo, Norway
  9. 2010. The Artist’s Glance, Frissiras Museum, Athens, Greece.
  10. 2009. Circumstance, 50th October Salon, Museum of History, Belgrade, Serbia.
  11. 2009. On Normality, Museum of Contemporary art, Klagenfurt, Austria
  12. 2009. On Normality American University Museum – Katzen Art Center, Washington DC, USA.
  13. 2009. Disclosure / Underlined memory, Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessalonica, Greece     
  14. 2008. Miami Art Fair, with Galerie Davide Gallo, Miami, USA.
  15. 2008. Disclosure / Underlined memory, Musée d’art moderne, Saint-Étienne Métropole, France.
  16. 2008. 2nd Beijing International Biennale China, Peking, China.
  17. 2007. Footnotes on geopolitics, market and amnesia, 2nd Moscow Biennale, Moscow, Russia.
  18. 2007. Chère Louise – Homage to Louise Bourgeois, Ascona Museum of Modern Art, Swiss.
  19. 2007. Passion for Art – Kunst  der Gegenwart, 35 years of Essl Collection, Klosterneuburg, Austria.
  20. 2006. Zones of Contact, 15th Biennale of Sydney, Gallery of New South Wells Australia.
  21. 2006. Napoli presente, posizioni e prospettive dell’arte contemporanea, Lorand Hegyi, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Naples, Italy.
  22. 2006. Six from Europe, Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, San Francisco, USA.
  23. 2005. On Normality, Art in Serbia 1989 – 2001, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia.
  24. 2005. Preview Berlin, The Emerging Art Fair, Berlin, Germany.
  25. 2004. The Joy of My Dreams, 1st International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Seville, curator Harald Szeemann, Seville, Spain.
  26. 2004. New Painting, Gallery Lia Rumma, Milan, Italy.
  27. 2004. Troubled Times, Civico Museo di Guerra la pace “Diego de Henriquez”, Trieste, Italy.
  28. 2003. Blood and Honey, curator Harald Szeemann ,Sammlung ESSL Privatstiftung, Klosterneuburg, Austria.
  29. 2003. Balkan Crossroad, curator Harald Szeemann, Bologna Art Fair, Italy.
  30. 2003. Superman, Friedrich Schiller Museum, Studio program Weimar, Friedrich Nietzsche Institute and Stiftung Weimar Klassik, Weimar, Germany.
  31. 2003. Superman, Chiesa di S. Paolo, Modena, Italy.
  32. 2003. Painting, Center for Culture Concordia, Vršac, Serbia.
  33. 2003. Sweet Taboos Tirana Biennale, Tirana, Albania.
  34. 2002. European Contemporary Art – The Art of Balkan Countries, Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessalonica, Greece.
  35. 2001. Conversations, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia.
  36. 2001. Escape, Flash Art, – Tirana biennale, National gallery, Tirana, Albania.
  37. 2001. Ars Danubiana – 1st DonauKonferenz, Regensburg, Germany.
  38. 2001. Freedom and Violence, Museum Krolikarna, Warsaw, Poland.
  39. 2000. Insomnia, Gallery SULUJ, Belgrade.